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Simple kraft paper.
100% natural. Completely biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable. All we did was add a little ingenuity. We started with the idea that ordinary paper – the kind grandma used to ball up and put around the china – had some pretty good cushioning characteristics. The problem was how best to wad it up. So we invented and patented a simple machine, the PadPak Converter, that turns a roll of PadPak paper into multi-layered padding. The result is a product that’s not just better for the environment, but a better product. PadPak is a one-of-a-kind material that can be used in all of the most common packing applications: cushioning, void-fill, wrapping, and blocking and bracing. Other packing materials can be used in one or two of these applications but not all four.

But PadPak isn’t just versatile – it’s effective. Independent testing by Lansmont Corporation confirms that PadPak has excellent cushioning characteristics for a variety of products with a wide range of weights, sizes, and fragility levels. PadPak also out performed traditional packing products in head-to-head tests.

You simply won’t find a packing material that cushions and protects your products more effectively than PadPak. Period. No matter what you’re shipping. From the heaviest product to the most sensitive part.

Whether it’s flammable, irregularly shaped, or electronically charged, we’re the natural choice.

Better for Business.

The PadPak system can reduce your overall packing costs because it reduces the amount of packing material by 10%-15% and carton size by as much as 25%, eliminates the clean-up and disposal problems inherent with loose-fill packing, and takes up significantly less room in your warehouse – about 1/30th the space of comparable products.

Here’s why: our complete line of PadPak paper products comes in rolls of multi-ply kraft paper. Each standard roll is 20 inches in width, weighs about 35 pounds, and yields 60 cubic feet of void-fill. (That means it takes about 107 fourteen-cubic-foot bags of loose-fill to equal the yield of one pallet of PadPak).

The roll is placed on the PadPak Converter. In just seconds, the Converter turns out 8-inch widths of padding, containing multiple layers of paper and air. The Converter is capable of creating pads in any length you want. The result is custom, just-in-time packaging in a random or autofeed format that requires less volume in both shipping and storage.



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